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All Y'All Players

We are a small group of folks that love theatre and wanted to find a way to use our enjoyment of the art to benefit our local town. All of our proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization. It started in 2018 with a facebook post by John B. Gillis about a mystery dinner show he did at his church for a fundraiser (Cafe Murder). Well, Gigi Smith and I (Kathy Strozak) saw it and commented, “we should do something like that in Smithfield!” The conversation started and lo and behold, we became a group. We started with a show that a group of us SLT (Smithfield Little Theatre) folks had performed for a One Act Festival back in 2010. I started contacting the original cast members about doing it again at a different venue, all but two of them were available and agreed to the show. Thus the process began ..... I spoke with the GM at the Smithfield Inn and she was excited to provide the venue for this show. Everything came together, we had a great show, and everyone had a great time! We were able to donate $400 to the Christian Outreach Program here in town.

We handpick our cast for each show from a large group of fellow thespians. Some are becoming regulars they enjoy it so much! Since then, we have performed several shows around Smithfield and to-date, have donated a total of $6,500 to several local organizations.

Everyone always seem to have a great time! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive town with great people and restaurants . We can do our thing because of the great folks that come to see our shows!


Stay tuned for our next show(s) ..... 


Until next time, stay safe & well y'all!


 Kathy & Tiffany

All Y'All Players 


Meet The Team


Kathy Strozak


2018 - present


Tiffany Moore

Marketing and Advertising


Gigi Smithf

Gigi Smith

Director, Producer 



John B. Gillis



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